12 Dope Books to Curl Up With This Weekend


Those weekends when you feel like turning up at “club bed” with “DJ pillow” instead of with your friends Henny and Ciroc at a bar is the perfect time for snacks, hot tea, incense and a good read. When we were children, our teachers sent us home with a summer book-list to complete by the end of vacation and we should totally make time for that again as adults. Studies show that those who read have a robust imagination and stellar vocabulary. Plus, it’s a nice way to unwind after a busy or stressful week.

Dust off your library cards and take a trip to your local branch. If there isn’t one, Amazon and Google books are at your disposal. Goodreads is also great site to browse and it gives the option to create an account and keep track of books you want to read or are currently reading. We are always on the look out for dope new books as well as classic ones to add to our lists. Here’s a list of 12 that we recommend you curl up with this weekend.

Photo Credit: Getty Images, Amazon

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