Boombox: Lil Mama Remixes ‘No Flex Zone’

Lil Mama is trying to remind you guys she’s still here and will kill any mic you toss her way.

The last time we saw the New York rapper she was doing a uncanny impression of Left Eye in the epic TLC biopic that was so impressive we almost forgot all about her musical career—so it’s lucky that the star is back with a new single to remind us.

‘The Lyrical Purge 1-100″ sees Lil Mama back to her best, with her words flowing thick and fast as she spits out lines like,  “I run circles ’round actors / I’m too nasty, I’ll leave a ring around the bathtub.” She gives Nicki Minaj, Pusha T and Juicy J—who all have attempted to remix the Rae Stremmurd track—an actual run for their money.

If this is just a taste of what the rapper has in store for us, she could be knocking Ms Minaj off her pedestal in no time.

Photo Credit: Lil Mama Instagram