Booty Boot Camp: Get A Shapely Butt in 5 Simple Steps


Kim Kardashian and Blac Chyna

Sir Mix-A-Lot liked his ladies with lots of back, Destiny’s Child made “bootylicious” a feminist phenomenon, Mos Def named his one night stand Ms. Fat Booty, and T-Pain surely has no problem spending all of his money to see a rotund derriere go up and down. And now with Nicki Minaj’s new ASSet anthem, “Anaconda,” slithering around the Internets, it feels as though everyone is rump-obsessed.

Then again, who doesn’t love a lady with curves—especially real ones? Aside from the horrendous trend of fake butts shaking up the booty biz, there are still ladies out there committed to sculpting their own shapely backside the natural way—one that won’t eventually require a fix-a-flat. If genetics is impeding your mission, we want to help.

Fortunately for those of us living a “glute-free” lifestyle, by incorporating the right exercises into your workout regimen, you’re only a few reps away from enhancing your butt the safe and smart way. Continue clicking to enroll in our booty boot camp and get a shapely butt.

Photo Credit(s): Instagram, Web MD

Butt 1

1. Ball Squat

Not like your normal plie, this ball bend helps you keep your balance while executing the perfect squat. With the ball on your lower back and your knees behind your toes, this exercise will work out your butt as well as abs and legs.