Born I Music Has Us Seeing Blue


DC rapper Born I Music has quietly been building an impressive resume for a number of years, collaborating with artists like Mobb Deep, sharing stages with the likes of Akon and performing everywhere from New York City to Bangkok, Thailand. His prolific sound spans from underground boom-bap to trap-influenced anthems to house music and beyond. He is the official vocalist/MC for New York’s house music duo “Love & Logic” (profiled in Vibe back in March 2014), and he is the head of the DC-based hip-hop conglomerate G&D-NewSinatra. His latest offering “Blue”, the first official single from his upcoming album “King’s Landing,” is a return to his roots, in more ways than one.

Produced by LA producer d.C. Soulplusmind, “Blue” is an autobiographical look at Born I Music, his origins and the tragedies and triumphs that shaped him. The rawness and honesty of the song, the lyricism with which it is delivered, and the heavy, piano driven instrumental make “Blue” a record that connects with you instantly. The video for “Blue” brings us in even deeper, as Born returns to the Autumn Walk neighborhood on Bel Pre Rd where he grew up in Silver Spring MD, retracing his steps, remembering the events that created him, and some which still haunt him.

It appears that, having flown under the radar for so long, perfecting his craft and recording the nearly 300 songs he created in writing “King’s Landing”, Born I Music is finally ready to introduce himself to us. “Blue” opens the door and gives us a glimpse. If this song and video (and the music he’s been quietly releasing for free on his Soundcloud) are any indication, there’s a new voice for us to hear in hip-hop and beyond and his name is Born. “Blue” is a breath of fresh air.