Brittany Murphy Biopic to Premiere on Lifetime


brittany murphy

Lifetime must have a monopoly on biopics. The next story to hit the small screen is the late Brittany Murphy’s. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the film will depict her life as a child star during the 1980s and 90s and her career up until her untimely death in December of 2009.  The movie, which will premiere on September 6th, will also touch on the aftermath of the Clueless star’s death where her mother, Sharon Murphy, fought claims that her daughter’s death was accidental.

Actress Amanda Fuller from movies like Last Man Standing and Cheap Thrills will be starring as Murphy while actress Sherilyn Fenn will play Murphy’s mother. Sharon Murphy had no involvement in the film and refused to cooperate with production.

Brittany Murphy was best known for her roles in movies like 8 Mile, Riding in Cars With Boys, and Girl Interrupted. A coroner ruled her caused of death to be pneumonia and other causes. Her husband, Simon Monjack, died five months after her of the same causes. She was 32.

Photo Credit: Getty Images