The Burning Of Kingston: Live Graffiti Battle


(Press Relese — New York, NY) Tuesday, August 26, 2014 – With a name inspired by an intense moment from the Revolutionary War as it happened in Kingston, New York (as the Red Coats marched out of Kingston in 1777, they burned much of the city down), Mass Appeal, with support from Red Bull, is hosting “The Burning of Kingston“ – a live graffiti exhibition and battle that will happen on the exterior of an authentic subway car. Taking place on September 13th at the Trolley Museum of New York in Kingston, eight insanely gifted graffiti artists will come together to battle for bragging rights and recognition inside of the rich culture of “writing” and beyond. Inside of writing culture, a “burner” is a superior work of art. What started out as friendly competition by New York City kids during a period when the city itself was on the verge of bankruptcy has now morphed into a global language and art form with many dialects worldwide.

The competition features world-renowned graffiti artists including T-Kid, CES, Doves, Ribs, Dero, Bio, Doc TC-5, Revolt, Dmote, Cycle and YES 2. The eight artists will be split into two teams, and they’ll be going head to head to create a unique “burner” in five hours. An esteemed panel of judges will select the winning team.

Curated by Sacha Jenkins, Creative Director of Mass Appeal, and noted artist and historian David “Chino” Villorente, the all-day event will attract scores of graffiti/street art enthusiasts. The event will also feature local vendors, live music and a books signing by Henry Chalfant and Sacha Jenkins in support of their new book, Training Days: The Subway Artists Then and Now.

“The Burning of Kingston” will be free and open to the public on September 13 from 12-6pm at The Trolley Museum of New York (89 East Strand, Kingston, NY 12402.)