Can I Get A Dollar? Beyonce and Jay Z’s ‘OTR’ Tour To Top $100 Million


While you’re trying to scrape your coins together to get Sallie Mae off your back, Mr. and Mrs. Carter are racking up some pretty big bucks, about $100 million to be exact.

Despite constant tabloid scrutiny, Beyonce and Jay Z have successfully headlined their North American “On The Run” tour, which comes to an end in San Francisco on Aug, 6, and picks back in Paris, France, September 12th and 13th. The rumor mill would have one believe the couple is not only on the verge of a nasty divorce, but that their tour is also struggling as well.

According to Live Nation’s Omar Al-Joulani in an interview with Billboard, those claims couldn’t be farther from the truth. The tour has sold more than $100 million in ticket sales and seated 90 percent capacity.

“These shows sold tremendously well at the end, so we were able to sell-up limited-view and clean up production holds or other holds,” says Al-Joulani, who’s the promoter and producer for the tour “It was a very successful tour, and we’re pleased to have that big gross number at the end.”

So there you have it. Beyonce and Jay Z are still rich and you and I are still trying to not overdraft.

All is well in the world.