Chris Brown Announces ‘X’ Album Release Date


“Long-awaited” and “highly-anticipated” just don’t cut it for Chris Brown’s forthcoming sixth solo album X anymore. And now, the singer has hit us with a new release date.

Taking to Instagram for his announcement, Brown shared the cover art for the album with the date Sept. 16. Slated to be released on his 25th birthday after a previous push-back, the release for X was snagged by the singer’s legal woes earlier this year. Since then, his monster single “Loyal” has crossed the platinum threshold, and Brown has also released his Usher/Rick Ross collaboration, “New Flame.” The full-length album has seen nearly a year of rescheduling since its inception, at which point he described a more R&B-laden project.

“Making X, I found out who I am,” Brown told Rolling Stone last year. “This album has a lot of substance, from the subject matter and the situations to how it deals with love. It’s really derived from personal experiences. Then again, I always like mixing reality with art.”

Brown also recently shocked the masses with a reconciliation (and studio session) with Drake. Were they cooking up something for this new Sept. 16 release? Here’s to hoping.