Chris Brown Made Karrueche His ‘Only #WCW’


 cb makes kae #wcw

In between sappy posts about soul mates and promotions for his new album set to release in a little over a month, Chris Brown decided to throw gossip blogs a curve ball by posting a picture of his (ex?) girlfriend Karrueche as his only #WCW. We’d all thought the two were officially over after they both deleted every picture of the other from their instagram feeds last month and haven’t been seen together since.

While the “New Flame” singer has been partying in St. Tropez and having kickbacks with a few Kardashians, Karrueche has been leading a normal life visiting family and hanging with friends. If it were any other couple, we’d be quick to rejoice in their rekindling their love. But since these two are off and on so much (and Chris deleted the #WCW picture 20 minutes after posting it), we’re just going to hold off our congratulations for a bit.

Photo Credits: Instagram