Cute On Coins: 11 Chic Hats Under 50 Dollars

Hats (test for editorial)

Bad hair days have never been the same since the arrival of the cute cap. Whoever invented these cranium-covering devices is a genius. Worn year-round, hats are made for shade, concealing a funky braid-out gone wrong, hiding from ex-boyfriends, retaining heat when it’s cold, or simply to look cool. All five reasons are justifiable, if you ask us.

Hat trends keep the rotation fresh and fleeting. Fuzzy Kangols were all the rage during the 1980s and mass-produced beanies with corny phrases had a good run in the last year or so, but if we see any hats with “celfie” or “ballin” emblazoned across the forehead in 2014 we are going to explode. Fortunately, there’s more than enough chic head gear out there to get you through a rainy season or two. Take a look at 11 chic hats under $50 worth copping on the next page.