Cute on Coins: 7 Black Beauty Brands for Your Makeup Stash


There’s nothing like a good ole’ beat face for special events, a first date, or taking a trip to the corner store (hey, you never know who you might run into). Sephora and MAC are notorious for being a girl’s paradise when it comes to shopping for makeup but when it comes to being a woman of color, we sometimes have to look beyond these beauty chains to get the perfect shade.

We admit, it is much easier to find cosmetics for brown girls these days in comparison to our grandmothers, who were subjected to ashy foundations that resemble Tyrone Biggums from Dave Chapelle’s famous skit. It’s worth mentioning that Lancome is breaking ground with their latest efforts by providing products for skin tones as deep as Lupita N’yongo. Yay for progress.

However, lest not forget the black-owned companies who are ride or die for their sisters; the ones who have been and still are creating beauty necessities for brown women when no one else gave us a second thought. Check out our list of 7 black beauty brands for your makeup stash that are affordable and awesome.

Photo Credit: Instagram, Getty Images