Did Drake Just Call Rihanna the Devil?


Sure, former partners may get into name-calling from time to time, but Drake took things to another level when he referred to his ex, Rihanna, as the dark lord Lucifer herself.

To be fair, the Canadian rapper didn’t exactly call Rihanna the devil—he just let the images on the stage behind him do the talking. Before he started his new track “Days in The East,” (a song which was assumed to be about RiRi), during his Aug. 4 Toronto concert, a fiery image of the Bajan beauty shot up on the screen behind him, with the number “6” emblazoned across her face, then another “6” and another.

Hmm…’666’—we wonder what he was getting at with that one.

The star even posted a photo on his Instagram of the not-so-subtle diss with the caption: “All I know.”

Some have speculated that it might refer to his new album, Views From The Six, rather than associating Rihanna with the number of the beast—but we’re not so sure. Looks like their last break wasn’t so amicable after all.

The she-devil in question, has not commented on the matter. Click here to see the full video from TMZ

Photo Credit: Champagne Papi Instagram