Did Jay Z and Beyoncé Stage #ElevatorGate?


We all looked on in horror (and humor) as we watched Solange try to drop-kick her beloved bro-in-law during the 2014 Met Gala in April. And ever since #ElevatorGate, Jay Z and Beyoncé, a couple once more coveted than Barack and Michelle, have been plastered on every tabloid and gossip blog as “the cheating bastard” and “the pop star who loves him.”

But isn’t all publicity, good?

That’s what the peeps over at Billboard may believe. In an article about Jay and Bey’s tumultuous three months since #ElevatorGate, celebrity publicist Johnathan Hay outlines a conspiracy that sounds so crazy, it could actually be true. Hay speculates:

“Always consider the timing in these situations. That staged elevator fight hit the news immediately before the release of their On The Run tour trailer video. The fight gives regular news stations—beyond just entertainment news—a headline, which broadens their audience. They’re also going to bring up the On The Run tour and ask questions like, ‘Will their be drama on the road?’ and, ‘Is this going to be the final performances of Jay Z and Beyoncé?’ They created a compelling spectacle, which ultimately creates a demand.”

What do you think, Vixens? Could Jay Z and Beyoncé have staged the whole thing?

Photo Credits: Getty Images