Did Kendall Jenner Throw Money At A Waitress?


Word around these Internets is that Kendall Jenner may have had a major diva moment.

Reports are swirling that Kim Kardashian’s little sister threw money at a waitress at New York City’s Mercer Kitchen. According to Page Six, Jenner left the restaurant without paying her bill because she was denied alcoholic beverages. Upon being confronted, she allegedly threw money at her waitress.

Interestingly enough, Jenner’s waitress is said to be a former actress on MTV’s Skins, Blaine Morris. Page Six also reports that Morris tweeted about the incident:

A supposed observer also gave an account of the incident, stating that Jenner threw 20 dollar bills at Morris and laughed. If this did indeed occur, it would not be the first time a member of the Kardashian clan got carried away: