DJ Clark Kent Gives A Hip-Hop History Lesson On Juan Epstein


DJ Clark Kent and Ronnie Fieg, of Kith NYC, visited Peter Rosenberg and Cipha Sounds on Juan Epstein to promote their upcoming shoe event in Westchester on Sept. 21.

However, the sit-down turned into a important discussion about music and DJing. Also, Kent got his professor-like swag on to give listeners a history of his past, hip-hop icons DJ Marley Marl, Red Alert, and JAY Z & the Notorious B.I.G’s careers.

During the interview, Kent, who has produced tracks for Hov and Biggie, said that he began experimenting with DJing between the ages of four and five years old by putting the needle inside the groove. He also discussed stealing his first set of turntables and much more.

Listen to the interview below.