DJ Spotlight: Yoann Feynman And Monomotion


In the midst of working on new music and refining their tour show for US audiences, French electronic duo and FAKE Music label bosses, Yoann Feynman & Monomotion give VIBE a quickie look at their personal lives and explain their “groovy, uplifting music,” which they tell us has “no boundaries” or “rules.”

Perhaps that explains the title of the pair’s VIBE-premiered tune, “Absolut Monarchy.”

Find out who wears the pants in our head-to-head with Yoann Feynman & Monomotion…

VIBE: Describe your sound in one word:
Yoann Feynman & Monomotion: Versatile.

Being a duo hailing from France, do you find it complimentary of annoying to be compared to that ‘other’ successful duo?
We don’t really think about this you know. In fact one of them is our neighboor here in Paris. They are what they are, we love their works, we think art does not necessarily need to be compared, don’t you?

Name a piece of gear of plug in that you can’t live without.
Our Event Opal monitors.

Name your tour travel essentials.
Y: My earplugs, my credit card, oh… and that damn iLok !
M: Headphones, and earplugs as well.

What’s the hardest part about owning your own label, FAKE MUSIC?
To be honest, that’s a lot of fun. FAKE MUSIC is a friend venture. We’re a small team and we share our point of view on modern music there. It’s not a ‘one shot’ record label. We receive a lot of demo, but we’re more working in a family way- everyone exploring his own stuff.

Who wears the pants in this relationship? Yoann or Erol (Monomotion)?
Y: Nobody, there’s a lot of respect and true friendship between us before everything.
M: Yoann all summed it up. More than friendship it’s brotherhood. We’re both led by passion for music, and there never was any sort of competition since the very beginning.

For those who haven’t see you two yet, describe the live show.
Actually we do it the four hands way, we play a lot of our own music (we have tons of tools and unreleased we use in our set). You can expect something really groovy and uplifting, no boundaries, no rules.

If you could pick one US festival to launch your career stateside, which would it be any why?
Coachella for sure!

What’s in store from you guys in the coming months?
We have quiet a lot of things in the pipeline. First, we have some cool records coming together, we take time to make sure we put things out we’re 100% proud of. Yoann will release his first solo EP, while Erol is still cooking is own. And we will start revealing our new project, we have an album almost ready there, and it’s going to be special for sure… We’ve been working on this for a year now. We will also go back on the road doing some DJ things!