Do Lil Kim and K. Michelle Have Twitter Beef?


Looks like Lil’ Kim has a new enemy, or should we say frenemy? The hip-hop diva got into a little war with words over social media with buddy K. Michelle, after Michelle told her stans to “kiss her ass” and “drink a cup of bleach.” This post-VMA drama ensued when Kim’s fans came for K. Michelle when she called Nicki Minaj the “queen of rap.”

“I’m allowed to like more than one artist, just like u miserable folks are allowed to drink a cup of bleach” she said. “Love them both. U like Kim fans can kiss my ass Me & Kim VERY cool. Im actually going 2C the baby. If she aint mad, u motherless kids should find a seat.”

Ironically, they made it clear that they are friends and showed love to each other during their Twitter spat. Was this simply a disagreement or do you think they are really beefing? Read on to see what both parties had to say and let us know your thoughts on this trivial Twitter beef Vixens.

Photo Credit: Twitter, Getty Images