Don’t Mess With Mama! Tina Knowles Tells Off Bey Z Haters [Video]


Tina Knowles

When it comes to King Bey there is one thing you don’t come for—and that is the matriarch of this whole operation, the glue that holds everything together, aka Mama Tina Knowles. So basically, don’t come for the BeyHive unless they send for you.

This week TMZ caught up with Yonce’s mom and had a few question regarding the rumors surrounding her daughter and Jay-Z’s relationship, which went from 0 to 100 real quick. Forget Solange’s scandalous ElevatorGate situation. Tina Knowles fired back quick, fast and in a hurry, leaving paparazzi with the statement,”haters will be haters” (and in that order).

Vixens, watch below as Mama Knowles lays down the law on TMZ with that H-town charm.


Photo Credit: TMZ