Ex-Da Band Member Arrested For Domestic Violence Charges


Former Making The Band star Sara Stokes is making headlines once again.

TMZ reports that the ex-Da Band singer was arrested on domestic violence charges following a fight with her husband Tony on July 21. The married couple was reportedly brawling outside of the house while she was allegedly drunk around 3:45am and now, she’s landed a spot in jail for the next 93 days.

This isn’t the first time Stokes ruffled feathers with the law. She stabbed her husband in 2009 and was sentenced to three years probation in a plea deal.

Her lawyer, Eric Kayira, issued this suspect statement at the time: “Sara and Tony have a very passionate and loving relationship that on August 2, while having an evening of fun, she slipped and fell, hitting her head heavily on the ground and somehow in the process of helping her Tony got injured.”