First Look: Nicki Minaj Gets Handsy With Drake In ‘Anaconda’ Video


Nicki Minaj just released new stills from her forthcoming “Anaconda” video and it feels like déjà vu. Young Money mate Drake stars in the visual and gets extra comfy in his seat as the bootylicious rapper drops it low with her hand on his er… crotch. It’s a familiar set-up if you pull up tapes from the crazy wigged Onika days in 2011, where a Drake lap dance was routine in her “Super Bass” performances. (See here.) And let’s not forget when Aubrey Graham made it his personal mission to grind all up on Nicki’s backside during this 2010 show (1:22 mark, people). The Internets are sure to talk when the video makes its worldwide debut on Vevo this Wednesday (Aug. 20).