Five Things Lil Kim Can Do Besides Come For Nicki Minaj


BREAKING NEWS: Lil Kim has beef with Nicki Minaj.

I know, shocker!

If you let Kim tell it, Nicki Minaj stole her whole look, sound and everything else that has helped make Nicki a success. The two femcees, who were one time friends, aren’t exactly on speaking terms now.

As of late, Kim has used every opportunity she’s had to diss Minaj and remind everyone who the real Queen Bee is. Between jumping on the “Flawless” remix and then releasing her new single “Identity Theft” it’s safe to say Kim is out for blood.

But instead of being vex at Nicki, and throwing shots, we’ve come up with five things Lil Kim can do other than try and annihilate Nicki Minaj’s life.

1) Stop Coming For Nicki Minaj

In my humble opinion, the best way to reclaim your throne is to not admit it was stolen in the first place. (No shade, No shade) Do I think Kim can spit? Umm, is the sky blue? Kim should stop talking about Nicki and what she allegedly did to her, and start doing what she does best! Period. Point Blank!

2) Make Your Empire Stronger

Nicki Minaj is putting the finishing touches on her album, the Pink Print, working on perfumes, selling clothes and and expanding her empire. Why isn’t Kim doing the same? Her fans are loyal and will support any music or business venture she dives into. So why be hell bent on trying to destroy another woman’s career, when you can make yours that much better? Sounds like misplaced energy to me. But that’s none of my business.

3) Please Refer Back To Point Number 1

I just feel that needed to be reiterated.

4) Realize You’re In A One-Sided Beef, Which Means You’re Talking To Yourself In Public

As it stands now, Nicki Minaj has not responded to any of the blows Lil Kim has thrown, which some might think is a smart move. However, if your biggest adversary doesn’t think you’re worth responding to, shouldn’t that make you re-evaluate a few things? Once again, Kimberly, no shade.

5) Release An Album!

The last album Kim released was The Naked Truth via Atlantic Records in 2005. That was nine years ago. The Hardcore mixtape, which is due out this year, will be able to wet the appetite of her most loyal fans. However, if Lil Kim is the Queen Bee, and she birthed Nicki Minaj’s whole style then why almost a decade for a solid body of work?

Look, I support Lil Kim. I respect what she’s done for women in hip-hop and understand her rightful place. But trying to destroy another female emcee just isn’t the way. There are only but so many female lyricist in hip-hop to begin with and having one throw any blows or negativity towards another further promotes a stereotype that women can’t get along. I’m not telling Lil Kim to quit rapping, but I am telling Lil Kim to stop with all the shenanigans and get back to doing what she’s known for: spitting dope lyrics.