‘Flawless’ Remix Sparks (Hilarious) Azealia Banks Twitter War

Azealia Banks Twitter War

Before everyone was shut eye on Saturday night (Aug 2), Beyonce released her Nicki Minaj-assisted track, “Flawless Remix.”

Putting two reigning chart-toppers on a track wasn’t enough to keep everyone satisfied and those not afraid of their stans spoke out. One in particular, ruffled many feathers with her seemingly disapproval tweet of the track. The notorious industry hater  commentator, Azealia Banks posted a thumbs down emoji within in the midst the internet explosion over their collaboration—simultaneously sparking another Azealia Banks Twitter War.

Coincidence or not, the Beyhive and Barbz attacked Banks over her differing opinions. On defense mode (per usual) Banks tried to clarify herself, she tweeted, “You lot are all so easily moved,” and “Like what in the actual fuck are you THIRSTBUCKETS even on about?” She even stated fans are mad over nothing, but the stans weren’t having it and she became the subject to cyber bullying yet again.

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