Fly or Fail: Snoop Dogg’s Blonde Bob and Powdered Face


Um… Uncle Snoop is that you? It looks more like Auntie Snoop at first glance. Snoop Dogg took his social media followers by surprise after debuting a brand new hair do: a short cut blonde bob. The Instagram pictures show what we hope is Snoop partaking in a little part-time wiggery for a project. In one video, he throws on his “white” voice to be one half of “Todd and Rory,” which is giving us a throwback of Nick Cannon’s controversial White People Party Music album promo.

The photos of the banged bob cut have the hashtag “wgc”— short for white guys connect—in the caption area. Perhaps he’ll divulge on all of this at a later date.

Vixens, is Snoop Dogg’s blonde bob a different kind of fly? Or do you hope he puts an end to this costume party? Check out more views of the eyebrow-raising ‘do on the next pages.

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