Friday Dance: 8 EDM Releases To Kickoff This Weekend


Kickoff the weekend with these recent 10 dance music releases, curated by DJ, producer and vocalist Lea Luna.

1. Kiwi- “The Mara EP”
Let’s get the weekend party started with this floor filler of an EP from London’s own Kiwi. The Blasé Boys Club imprint, run by fellow London-based producer Duke Dumont, will release the beast entitled “Kiwi the Mara” next week. Kiwi is taking the world by storm with his fresh and exciting blend of techno, funk, acid house, and original flavor. With one listen, you’ll be chomping at the bit for this to come out so you can get your dance on with it.

2. Venemy & Said The Sky- “Dreaming”
The only way to describe “Dreaming” is with the word gorgeous. This tune features emotional pianos with expert chord progressions, ethereal vocals, and sounds of falling rain that make the bass hit you with a wave of chills. It’s very refreshing to hear a track that classifies as dubstep stand boldly apart from the tough and aggressive sound that comprises the bulk of the genre. Enjoy this free download courtesy of Play Me Records.

3. Lana Del Rey- “Shades of Cool” (Whiiite Remix)

It seems there is no voice more coveted than Lana Del Rey’s for remixers right now, and although we’ve seen many EDM remixes and bootlegs this summer (particularly of her mega-hit Summertime Sadness), Whiite’s new remix of “Shades Of Cool” is a very different laid-back remix, full of vocal edits and trap-like beats that turn the original into a whole new shade of cool.

4. Panic City- “Bang Bang”
Panic City is gaining quite a lot of attention on the main stage, having number one hits on Hype Machine and major label artists such as Diplo, Maroon 5, and Chris Brown requesting his remix expertise to take their music to new heights. Dim Mak original “Bang Bang” is aptly named, loaded with explosive drops and peak hour builds for a bottle-popping or festival-rocking mood.

5. Fedde Le Grand- “Twisted”

There are countless reasons why Fedde Le Grand is such a success. He could hand it solely to the massive exposure he gained when he stole the scene in 2006 with ‘Put Your Hands Up For Detroit.’ He could credit any of his epic hits ‘You Got This,’ ‘Love Never Felt So Good,’ or ‘Don’t Give Up’ for his chart-topping staying power. Perhaps he revels in the honor of recently releasing an official remix for the legendary Michael Jackson. Instead, Fedde takes a moment with his latest masterpiece “Twisted” to acknowledge the truest driving force in any successful artist’s career- the dedication of his fans. This video is just simply heartwarming.

6. Junior Sanchez Vs. Bad Suns- “Salt”

Size Records is about to drop this delightful, hook-laden vocal house track entitled “Salt” in two days, an amazing reinterpretation by house legend Junior Sanchez of the indie-dance original by Bad Suns. Whether you like to sing in the car or dance in the sunshine, this little scorcher is perfect to ride out the summer season in pure bliss.

7. The Chainsmokers feat. Siren- “Kanye”

Ever since the monumental success of “Selfie” several months ago, fans of the Chainsmokers are eager to hear another huge hit to follow up. The simple yet brilliant lyrical idea of “let me take a selfie” is hard to surmount after all the obsession that surrounded it, but here we have the signature Chainsmokers sound solidified with a vocal hook sung by LA based indie-pop duo Siren that proclaims with a strong female voice: “I want to be like Kanye”

8. Lane 8 feat. Bipolar Sunshine- “I Got What You Need (Every Night)” (S.P.Y Remix)

The original version of “I Got What You Need (Every Night)” immediately hit the Beatport Deep House Top 10 chart after it dropped last month, and everyone is still singing “I got what you need” in all of it’s catchy, melodic splendor. Although this unforgettable hook is still gracing the turntables in the deep house scene, it has now been remade into a brilliant drum & bass remix courtesy of S.P.Y., highlighting the vocal with rolling basslines and hints of dreamy pianos and pads.