Get It Right! It’s Pronounced Mack-La-More Not Mackel-More


It’s like this kid from Seattle came out of nowhere and then boom! Everyone is singing along to all his songs, or at least that’s how the Grammy-award winning rapper explains it.

Macklemore took part in a Reddit AMA and discussed the downfall of success.

“I try not to have any regrets. But you learn along the way. When Thrift Shop popped off and went number 1, I wasn’t ready for that. The love, the press, the scrutiny, the attention, lack of privacy. Everything. I went from an underground rapper (which I’d been my whole life) to the spotlight very quickly. So that was tough for me.

The 31-year-old lyricist spoke honestly about going back to poor habits to help him deal with his new-found celebrity.

“I turned to some old vices that are never conducive to working through the problem. Just temporary numbing that eventually leads to more fear, anxiety and pain. BUT I’m learning from it. And I try to live my life differently because of that experience. And whenever I’m in a place of fear. I know what helps me get through it, and I know what keeps me there. I have a choice.”

But everything isn’t all bad with the “Can’t Hold Us” emcee who also clarified that the correct pronunciation of his name is Mack-La-More. When asked what’s it like going from being average to rich so quickly, he spoke about his splurges.

“The thing about being frugal your whole life is, once you get money you always keep that sense of “that shit is hella expensive,” he said. “Sure, I’ve bought nice things since our success. But I try to be relatively practical. Invest, save, and raise this cat with the healthiest most organic cat food in the game.”

Fancy Feast my ass. Macklemore is feeding his feline straight organic, vegan, gluten-free cat food.

Must be nice.

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