Get Ready For Double Dose of Hood By Air for Fashion Week


Just last season creative director of Hood by Air, Shayne Oliver, had us ready to jump out of our seats and chant “Yassss b*tch, yasss” when he sent shirtless dancers voguing for their lives down the runway.

This upcoming fashion week we’re anticipating another takeover by the futuristic, cutting-edge label accompanied by a dope lineup of entertainment (which was well received). So much so that this season they will be showing twice this September in New York and Paris. While Oliver has not released many deets regarding the show, he did reveal that the New York show will focus on “essentials” while Paris will have a totally different, alter ego vibe—possibly similar to the show the visionary curated last season.

Looks like we’ll have to wait until next week to see what Hood By Air bestows upon us this Fashion Week. If you haven’t already seen the vogue performance from Hood By Air from last season continue clicking.

Photo Credit: Instagram