Get Ready to Air-Guitar with (i am) isis’ New Track


Brooklyn-based band (i am) isis aren’t shy about rocking out and their no-nonsense, head-banging, unabashed girl-power anthem urges you to do the same.

The uptempo single,“Take It Back”, features clashing cymbals and rocky riffs with lead singer Isis giving a powerhouse performance throughout. Fellow members including bassist Mike Koltosky, drummer Manny Mav, guitarist Diamond Dave, and keyboardist Isaac Childs all help to bring isis’ crazy, color-filled melodies to life. Mixing soulful spoken word with the rawness of rock, (i am) isis’ sound is a bluesy funk for the new millennium.

“(i am) isis has her own gravitational pull,” says Jay Marcello of Dream Hygh Entertainment. “As a consultant and promoter, all sorts of music comes across my desk. (i am) isis, however, is one of the few who I actually remember and have in rotation in my iPod.”

The track turned us into headbangers, thrashing to the beat and wishing we had a long mane to whip back and forth. “Take It Back” is now available for streaming on SoundCloud. It’s also available for purchase now on all major digital outlets, including iTunes, Amazon and Spotify.

Photo Credit: (i am) isis Facebook