God Given Talent: Singer Tasha Page-Lockhart Releases First Album


Tasha Page Lockhart

Sunday Best winner Tasha Page-Lockhart sure has a lot to be thankful for. Not only did she score a record-breaking win on the sixth season of the BET talent show, but she’s the first female act signed to Fo Yo Soul Recordings (gospel icon Kirk Franklin’s record label). To top it off, she’s releasing her first solo album this week.

Times haven’t always been as happy for the singer. As she confided to UK Blog, That Grape Juice, Tasha’s past is littered with sexual molestation, drug abuse and promiscuity. She recalls how growing up at the time she did, she felt she had to hide these indiscretions from the church.

“I grew up in a time where the church taught us how to be fake, she said. “It was like, ‘don’t let anyone see you cry’ or ‘don’t let them see you sweat.’ But, I thought church was like a hospital.”

However Tasha (the daughter of singer Lisa Page Brooks of gospel group Witness and Michael Brooks, producer and founder of both groups Witness and Commissioned) says it never kept her away from the church.

“No matter what I was doing or where I was in the country, when I was a part of the gospel group with my mom, turning up before turning up was even poppin. I always made sure that I was at somebody’s church on Sunday morning singing,” she told Heed Magazine. “I always made sure I kept my foundation and roots in the church, even though I was living crazy; I still found my way to church. That was my center.”

In the first single of the album, Different, written and produced by Kirk Franklin, Tasha expresses tremendous gratitude for her second chance at life and reminds us that’s she’s a changed woman singing: “I’m different y’all I’m not the same, ever since I met the savior my life has changed.”

Speaking of her drug addiction to Detroit Free Press, Tasha says she has God to thank for getting her through.

“I know it was the power of God,” she said. “He literally changed my mind so I didn’t want it anymore. I wanted so badly to be different. And I knew if I continued doing what I was doing I would die.”

It looks like Tasha is being blessed abundantly and we hope that continues for a long time.

Photo Credit: Tasha Page-Lockhart Instagram

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