G-Unit Takes The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

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This ALS ice bucket challenge just won’t go away, will it?

Bill Gates, Dr. Dre, Kevin Hart, Justin Timberlake, Lil Wayne and Drake are just some of the celebrities who have volunteered to drench themselves in buckets of ice cold water to bring about awareness to ALS, a disease which affects the nervous system of some 30,000 people a year and leaves many victims paralyzed.

As of today (Aug. 20) the ALS Association has raised $31.5 million dollars in donations compared to $1.9 million last year during the same time period (July 29 to August 20) The donations have come from existing donors as well as 637,527 new ones, three of which are G-Unit’s Tony Yayo, Lloyd Banks and Young Buck. Take a look at the reactions of all three as the ice cold water washes over them and listen to who they nominated to also participate.

To see some priceless reactions, CLICK HERE