Halle Berry’s Makeup Artist Fiona Stiles Starts Beauty E-Commerce Site


Halle Berry's Makeup Artist Fiona Stiles

Celebrity makeup artist Fiona Stiles has finally stepped into the growing realm of beauty e-commerce.

Now, I’m sure you are asking yourself two questions: who is Stiles and why should you care? Two simple words: Halle Berry. Yes, Stiles is the makeup maven who perfects the already flawless face of Berry and a handful of Hollywood A-listers we envy. It always seems like celebrities have access to more exclusive of makeup that the average gal, but now you, too, can covet some of the products celebrities live by.

From skincare to hair products, Stiles’ beauty retailer Reed Clarke display all handpicked, all-time favorite essentials of hers, complete with a blurb on each item and why she personally loves them. Definitely sounds like Reed Clarke will be chockfull of  Vixen-approved goods that are worth taking a gander at. Who knows, your makeup bag might end up mimicking something of Halle Berry’s. You never know.

Photo Credit: Fiona Stiles