Hot 97’s Ebro Darden Delivers First Child


Ebro baby

Hot97’s roaring program director and on-air host, Ebro Darden, has finally stepped into the arena of fatherhood.

Early Friday morning, the “Old Man” delivered his first child—yes you heard that correctly, he delivered his first born. He welcomed a baby girl, that he’s nicknamed “Lion babe,” as soon as he came in from a night of clubbing. She was so excited for her own arrival she popped out before the paramedics could arrive.

And her arrivals already stripping Darden of his tough, hot headed exterior. With much excitement he took to Instagram to share his joys of being delivering his daughter and being a father.


“I have to share this, it is super weird, but…So many of you all hold me down daily! Thank you!!! So…Lion Babe arrived fast! Delivered my own daughter in our bathroom! Whoa! The MOTHER prepared almost too good! We did it…”

Now that’s a story we’d like to hear on the morning show.

Kudos to you and your family Ebro and welcome to fatherhood.

Photo Credit: Instgram