Iggy Azalea Talks Biggest Mistake And Turning Down Ariana Grande


Iggy Azalea is a hot commodity these days. The 5’10 Aussie emcee successfully tore down the VMA stage with Rita Ora and is now riding high on the success of her single “Fancy”

Azalea got the chance to chat with Grammy.com about her path to musical stardom and spoke about first musical experience and how it inspired her. She also admitted to turning down working with Ariana Grande on her debut album. Azalea said although she loved Grande’s voice, she believed the “My Everything” singer was a child.

“When I realized she was so close to my age, I was like — wait you’re an adult!” the Australian rap queen continues. “I felt that my music was kind of so risque and I knew she had a Disney show… I didn’t feel it was appropriate but then I actually met her and I found out that she’s a grown-up and I was like ‘oh ok!” she said laughing.

To hear some more of Azalea’s awesome Australian accent and what she thinks is her biggest mistake, CLICK HERE