Iggy Azalea Steps Foot Into Fashion With Shoe Collaboration


Iggy Azalea

And the celebrity collaborations keep on rolling in. Most recently, rapstress from Down Under Iggy Azalea has been making headlines for more than just her chart topping hit “Fancy” and bodacious bod. The rapper is yet another superstar Steve Madden has snagged for a cool collaboration.

The brand took notice of the Aussie babe’s eclectic style early on telling Fashionista, “The idea for a collaboration came about a few months ago when Iggy performed in Brooklyn as part of our Madden Music series. She has an extremely gifted eye for fashion, and we’re working on the collection now.”

With a release date of Feb. 15, we are excited to see what Miss I-G-G-Y cooks up with her fancy self.

Photo Credit: Getty Images