Interview: Fur Coat Talks Damian Lazarus And New EP On Crosstown Rebels


Venezuelan natives Sergio Muñoz (Delete) and Israel Sunshine may not be known by their birth names but together, they make up techno duo Fur Coat. The Crosstown Rebels signees now are gearing up to release their new EP, “U Turn,” digitally on September 8 and it will make you feel all warm and fuzzy.

The deep house title track is something that could be plucked straight out of Ibiza’s best “open 24-hours” clubs, with its thumping bass and traces of vintage techno. We sat down with the Barcelona-based duo to talk their new EP, origins, and their Crosstown Rebels’ label head, Damian Lazarus.

How did the name Fur Coat come about?
We were looking out for a name when we decided to focus on the project as productions and make it something official, as we have been playing together for many years. The first idea that came was Fur Coat. We felt it related to us ’cause it can be something controversial. Many people love it and many people hate it, there’s no point in between, same as our music. That’s how we felt in our beginnings, but now that years have passed, we are kind of bored of telling the same story. We just identified with this name and in the end, it’s very catchy… Isn’t it?

How much do you think your home country of Venezuela has influenced your sound?
For us, Venezuela has influenced us in our roots. That’s where we come from, that’s the mix of sounds we combine in our music and in our sets.

How would you describe your sound at this moment in three words?
Forward Thinking Music

What was the process of being signed to Crosstown Rebels?
It’s been really natural. We think it’s something that had to happen. We feel Crosstown Rebels is our spiritual home. There’s such a great vibe with Damian and the Rebels, that we feel home. We are happy to be part of a label that has so much history in electronic music and that has been through so many phases of electronic music but is still solid and true to it’s unique sound as ever.

Have you had any advice from or memorable interactions with Damian Lazarus?
Yes always. There’s always feedback with Damian. With him and the label, we feel free to create whatever we want. It’s a platform to develop as an artist and experience so many great things, especially on showcases such as Rebel Rave, Get Lost and Day Zero. Damian is a guy who knows exactly what he wants, same as us. So, when we love a track and Damian does too, you will see him playing it all over for many months.

This month, you are planning to release the U Turn EP. What was the writing process like?
Yes. This is a four track EP we are doing on Crosstown Rebels. “U Turn,” “Mumbata” and “Borsch” were born in a two-week intense studio time during our February European tour. After getting back from the crazy weekends, we locked up for two weeks and did these three tracks, that have a vibe in common, but everything flowed so naturally that we are so happy with the results of this EP. We think it’s really underground, catchy and melody based but still groovy tracks, all made for the dance floor.

Who would you say are some dream collaborators you would like to work with?
Wow! We don’t have a name in mind right now. We are always open for new collaborations, if it’s a vocalist or something with another musician. Francesco Tristano is an amazing pianist who will be interesting to collaborate with. I think these collaborations come across our path as we go meeting new people over the world and there is something that clicks and makes it happen.

What is your favorite place to tour?
New York is one of our favorite cities in the world. It has such a great vibe, shops, restaurants. It’s hard to decide which city to spend time more time in when we visit, but Ibiza also has a magical thing, that when we go we don’t want to leave.

Do you find each audience to be different in different countries?
Totally… Although there are many crowds that can be related and compared. There are understanding, open-minded and party hungry crowds that are up to everything we want to do. There are other crowds that you have to win over, to get to that point of a crazy trip. There are crowds that only come for the party and want a groovy and pumpin’ set. And there are crowds that really have no idea what’s happening ahahaha LOL.

Where do you see Fur Coat going in five to ten years?
We have already been in the business for about ten years. The last four years have been the most important as a project. So in a way, it feels like the beginning. There’s still so much room to grow, so many steps to climb, so many goals to achieve, that we can only see us going forward and growing each day more as DJs, musicians and people.

“U Turn” releases on Crosstown Rebels August 25 on vinyl and September 8 digitally.

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