Vixen Chat: Jessie J Plays ‘Cootie Catcher Confessions’


Jessie J Fortune Teller

We just knew that Jessie J was the type of girl who’d be up for a good ol’ chinwag (Translation: British word for a friendly chat) and when we met her last week—we weren’t disappointed. The Essex-born beauty was sweet, down-to-earth and hilariously charming.

As usual, the singer was cartoonishly cool in a Tom and Jerry top, bright yellow pants and a pair of killer heels— the perfect off-the-wall ensemble to match her adorably quirky personality.

Her new smash single, “Bang, Bang,” with megastar Nicki Minaj and Ariana Grande may be currently controlling the airwaves, but Jessie has none of the haughty airs you’d expect and was more than game for a extra-juicy round of Cootie Catcher Confessions with us Vixens. The singer didn’t hold back with her animated answers either. Watch the full, (English Breakfast) tea-spilling Jessie J interview below.

All Photo Credits: Stacy-Ann Ellis

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