J.Dilla’s Production Equipment To Be Inducted Into The Smithsonian


J.Dilla’s impact on hip-hop cannot be explained. So when the producer died in 2006 from Lupus, fans wanted more from the Detroit native, and now they can have it.

Dilla’s mother, Maureen Yancey, affectionately known as “MaDukes” spoke with the Huffington Post to announce that her son’s music equipment along with other noteable items will be placed in the National Museum of African-American History and Culture at The Smithsonian.

Yancey admits she’s been courted by a few museums, but wasn’t quite ready to part with any of her son’s belongings. However, The Smithsonian came along at the right time.

“Timothy Burnside, a curator, contacted me about 5 years ago, and came to my house to visit. She saw some of the equipment, and I took her to the studio. She knew I wasn’t ready so soon after my son’s death, but we stayed in touch over the years. Finally, when I was ready, we started the process.” she said.

Although Dilla, born James Dewitt Yancey, has been gone for eight years, his mother said it was just last year she got over her son’s untimely death.

“I’ve mourned Dilla and really have just come out of mourning last year… My whole life, everything about me just got shattered. I feel like if I’ve ever done anything right in this world, one thing was having Dilla, and the next thing is giving these things to the Smithsonian. Right now, my sun is shining every day.”

Among the equipment Dilla’s mother is giving to the Smithsonian–which will open in 2015–are his Akai MIDI Production Center 3000 Limited Edition (MPC) and his custom-made Minamoog Voyager synthesizer.

This is dope! Long Live Dilla!

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