Joe Budden Denies Abuse Allegations


Joe Budden got the TMZ treatment after rumors surfaced that the rapper had allegedly beat his now-ex-girlfriend, Audely, after seeing her with another man. Initial reports say the Slaughterhouse MC saw flicks of his GF with another man and became furious. After seeing her in a New York City restaurant, he allegedly dragged her out and began choking her before slamming her into the dash. Budden then allegedly drove to his New Jersey home where cops reportedly say the beating continued. Now Joe B. is speaking out against the allegations. His rep issued the following statement on his behalf: “Mr. Budden looks forward to an opportunity to responsibly deal with and address the allegations against him so he may establish the actual facts of the night in question. Mr. Budden has fully cooperated with the investigation. Mr. Budden asks for patience as the evidence and facts unfold to demonstrate the truth of his involvement and the real events that transpired on the night in question. – Nima Ameri, Esq.” As for his personal thoughts on the matter?

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