Joe Budden Is ‘Wanted’ By The NYPD


Joe Budden is not having the best week.

After domestic violence allegations were thrown around about the Slaughterhouse rapper earlier this week, it seems he is now wanted by the NYPD.

The New York Daily News reports that police are searching for Joey after his run-in with his girlfriend, during which he twisted her arm and took her cellphone. A Twitter account belonging to the NYPD posted a “wanted” photo of the rapper, along with a description:

“WANTED: Joe Budden, 6ft., 200lbs., for robbery/taking cellphone of F/25 at 4:30am 8/18. Call .”

Budden took to Twitter yesterday to share that cops searched his home after his girlfriend gave them a lead regarding gun possession. Read what he had to say about suing the NYPD over at VIBE.

-Iyana Robertson