Justin Bieber Shows His Sensual Side On ‘Time For Bed’ And ‘Playtime’


Justin Bieber is definitely not a teeny bopper anymore, don’t believe it? Take a listen to the sensuality he exudes on these two Khalil tracks.

Bieber–or should I say Bizzle, because that’s what he’s going by now–teams up with Khalil for his new mixtape Long Story Short. On the track “Time For Bed” you mostly hear Khail sweet talk his way into the bedroom of some cutie and right before the track comes to an end, Bizzle comes in on the last few seconds to showcase all of his 20-year-old sexy.

Listeners will be surprised to know DJ Mustard produced the R&B hit, which is much different from any of the producers signature singles. But don’t think the fun stops there. On the second track “Playtime” JB sings about wanting to end a relationship amicably and asks his ladylove to chill with all the games.

While I’m all for Justin growing and maturing both musically and personally, can we just all agree to veto the name Bizzle? It’s just not a good look.

Interested in hearing the new grown and sexy Justin Bieber? Open your ears here to “Time for Bed” and “Playtime.”