K. Michelle Calls Out “Nappy-Headed” Haters On IG


K. Michelle- 'Can't Raise a Man'

Where have all the creative insults creative come-backs gone?

K. Michelle took to Instagram yesterday to address her haters. In the perplexing post, Michelle explains to her followers that she’d no longer be reading critical comments from hecklers, who she proceeds to attack with a slew of insults. The most cutting slurs she could come up with were “untamed humans,” “cum catchers”, and of course “nappy-headed.”

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“Nappy-headed” is an insult K. Michelle is all too familiar with. Two years ago Rasheeda told K. to “do something with [her] nappy ass hair” on the Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta reunion. Both women are still slinging around the word “nappy” to scold one another.

Will the battle for hair supremacy ever end?