K. Michelle Talks ‘Rebellious Soul: The Musical’, New Album and Sitcom with Jamie Foxx


K. Michelle took over the small screen last night (Aug. 19), bringing her musical passions to Rebellious Soul on VH1. Inspired by the album of the same name, the Idris Elba-directed musical delves into the love and heartache behind K’s most beloved tracks. Before the musical’s premiere, the singer and reality star spoke to VIBE about her journey to the stage, her next album and why we’ll be seeing a whole lot more of her on TV. —Sowmya Krishnamurthy

VIBE: What inspired you to do a musical?
K. Michelle: I was so bored with R&B in its state right now. A lot of people know me from reality [TV] but they don’t know my musical background in theatre, playing the guitar. People don’t know certain things like that about me. I wanted to do something super creative and something really unique. Me and another writer named Blush took all the songs on the album and turned it into a conversation.

How did Idris Elba get involved?
We’re really good friends. I was telling him what we were gonna do and he was like, “I’m in. I’m gonna do it with you.” I thought he was joking but he was on it the next day. He was supportive. He fought with me for everything we needed. He called in favors. The way it’s shot is so beautiful. The texture on it is so amazing. I’m so grateful to him for going out of his way for me.

How is he as a director?
He’s amazing. He’s a DJ as well. He knows my music and that’s how we became friends, actually. Working with him was comforting for me because he knows my personality. How to get me in the zone. He’s so professional and very in-tuned with everything around him. That’s what I feel makes a really great director.

He’s easy on the eyes too.
[Laughs]. He’s just Idris.

How do work with such a fine friend? I would just hit on him.
I don’t know. He’s eye candy but he’s not my type. He’s handsome. He’s a friend. You can be around somebody so much that when girls are screaming you’re like, “Oh. That’s just him.”