Kanye West Compares Paparazzi Struggle with Civil Rights Movement


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If you thought Justin Bieber’s deposition was bad, wait until you get a load of Kanye’s.

TMZ got ahold of the transcript from Kanye West’s deposition for his paparazzi camera-smashing case. In the transcript, Yeezy compared the plight of African Americans in the ‘60s to the fight for privacy that celebrities go through today.

When the photographer’s lawyer, Nate Goldberg, asked if Ye equates the struggle of blacks in the ‘60s to celebrities today he said, “Yes, 100 percent … I equate it to discrimination.  I equate it to inequalities. We, as group of minorities here in L.A., as celebrities have to ban together to influence guys like this—guys trying to take the picture, guys trying to get the big win, guys trying to get the check.”

When Goldberg asked Kanye about his song “Flashing Lights,” which address his disdain for the paps, he quoted the line “Till I get flashed by the paparazzi, damn, these ni**as got me.”

That left Mr. West feeling some type of way because he interrupted saying, “You have to ask for a hall pass. You can’t just say the ‘n’ word around me.” adding, “It offends me because you’re a white person saying ‘ni**a.'”

He even threw a jab at Britney Spears, who has also had her ups and downs with the paparazzi.  “I’m the smartest celebrity you’ve ever f***ing dealt with. I’m not Britney Spears.”

Kim K’s hubby also didn’t have nice things to say about Goldberg during the grilling session. “I’m in the business of trying to make dope s**t for the world.  You’re in the business of representing scums and trying to make as much money as long as there’s this lapse in the law,” he told Goldberg.

The case stems from a scuffle that Kanye had last summer with photog Daniel Ramos at LAX. Ramos sued the “New Slaves” rapper for assault and battery.

 Photo Credit: Getty Images