Here’s A Super Short Snippet Of Kanye West’s ‘Piss On A Grave’


The thirst for new Kanye West music is real. (Just search the Twitter hashtag #WaitingForNewKanye.)

But thanks to leaks of unofficial songs like “Black Bruce Wayne” and “All Day“, there’s much hope that a new tune from Mr. West could drop at any given moment.

The latest rumor attached to his forthcoming LP (scheduled to drop this fall) is a collaboration with 72-year-old legend, Sir Paul McCartney, for a song “tentatively” titled “Piss On The Grave.”

As Vulture so kindly points out, there is a 2-month old Instagram video from a Trapstar party attendee, who posted a snippet of the unreleased track.

While the teaser is really a tease, this IG user was hella excited about the impromptu presentation, writing, “trapstarrrr party yeah that’s kanye stopd less than a metre infront of me playing some unreleased shit ahhhhhhh wtf best day/night ever.”