Fashion Expert Kelly Cutrone Says Kanye West Isn’t Important To Fashion World


Kanye West has a lot of opinions when it comes to fashion, but Kelly Cutrone isn’t here for any of it. The America’s Next Top Model panelist, fashion publicist and expert refuses to apologize for her previous comments about “KimYe” and their lack of influence on the cover of Vogue and beyond.

“[Kanye West] is really arrogant. Anna Wintour, myself, Gisele Bundchen: we’re not making rap records. We’re not going ‘E-Z-E, we’re the most important thing to rap since N.W.A,’ which I’m sure most of the people who follow Kanye don’t even know who N.W.A is. Not to be mean… It’s just like stop it. Have they had an affect on pop culture? Absof—kinglutely… Including myself, most people cannot go out and buy six pieces of Givenchy,” she recently told HuffPost Live.

“Is Kanye West important in the fashion world? Maybe to Kanye. I mean he thinks he is, according to his quote: ‘what Steve Jobs was to computers.’ The Kanye I know was backstage at my fashion shows looking at Jeremy Scott’s sneakers going ‘Oh those are cool.’ Anna Wintour can put him on the cover of Vogue all day long but is she front row at his fashion show? N to the O, which means no in fashion.”

Wow–sounds like Cutrone isn’t afraid to go against a “rap God.”

Vixens, are you Team Cutrone or Team Yeezy?

Photo Credit: Getty Images