Killa Mike Chops It Up With Fox News, Offers Solution To Militarized Police Presence


Killer Mike is definitely in the lead for most awesome person ever.

Mike, real name Michael Render, has been more than vocal about his disapproval of the militarized law enforcement in Ferguson, Mo., along with the the treatment of protestors who marched in honor of slain teen Mike Brown. Since then, the rapper has been on CNN and as of today, Fox News’ “The Independents” to discuss what he believes need to be done to bridge the gap between community and police.

“I believe we need to have more police athletic leagues and less tank vehicles.” Mike said.

Mike thinks community and police engagement are key. The rapper, whose is the son of a police officer and has a cousin who is also in law enforcement, spoke passionately and also stressed when constitutional rights are being broken in the name of safety–namely when tear gas, which is illegal, is being used on Americans to combat a domestic problem–you run the risk of it becoming acceptable.

Mike also touched on how police behavior in Ferguson can negatively impact America as a whole if something isn’t done, but also said members of the community need to police their community.

“We need black police officers. Let me say this, we need police officers that look like the people they are policing,” he said.

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