Kim And Kanye Show Off Their Elevator Swag


Listen, we’re here for it! We are in total support of the Kim and Kanye movement.

Mrs. West snapped an uber cute photo of her and her hubby smooching in the elevator. The fashionable couple were leaving their New York City apartment when the queen of selfies did what she did best.

But before we judge and criticize the newlyweeds, let’s think for a moment. To be able to kiss with your eyes closed, but still take a perfect selfie, takes timing and talent! I don’t know about the rest of the world, but I got through about 67 selfies before I choose the ONE that will go on Instagram, so for Kim K to get it right, assuming on the first go ’round, hey, that’s impressive.

It might not be a billion dollars in the elevator, but at least they look cute!