Kroywen Releases Limited JAY Z Inspired ‘NY NY’ T-Shirt


Using the streets of New York as their prime source of inspiration, fashion house KROYWEN is gearing up to flood the Big Apple with new product for the 2014 Fall season. Leading the way for the Brooklyn-based brand’s new collection is the limited edition ‘NY NY’ t-shirt.

In honor of JAY Z’s Black Album, KROYWEN’s creative team put their trademark NY symbol over a black-on-black Hov colorway. With a limited number of shirts made, don’t miss this one before it’s gone forever.

Purchase the t-shirt and matching snapback at Kroy Wen’s official webstore.

More about the brand:

KROYWEN is a brand created to express the hidden lifestyle of NY. As they say, “Man makes the money, money doesn’t make the man.”. You CANNOT buy STYLE, it has to be in YOU. KROYWEN has a motto, and it’s simple, “set-trends.” If you grew up in NYC in the 80s and 90s, and you were in the circles of hip-hop artists, graff writers, and Lo-Life’s, you most likely were a trendsetter. Hong Zhao aka Fizzle is one, the founder and CEO of Kroywen. He’s a Brooklyn bred, native New Yorker. He started Kroywen with the mind set to capture the city that never sleeps, in his own unique way. “All our designs are based on everyday NY life and styled with my own creations.” Kroywen already has the support of some of the biggest artists in the music business and is destined for great things in 2014 and beyond.