DJ Khaled Chops It Up With Larry King


Woulda look at that.

DJ Khaled sat down with Larry King for “Larry King Now” to talk about all things hip hop. The 25 minute interview was an easy conversation between the seasoned journalist and producer. Khaled explained to King his Khaled touch, how he’s able to get different artist on a track together and his start as a Miami radio DJ.

During the sit-down, Khaled says the key to having a successful label isn’t always about having the best artist but its about caring for the music, the sound and how things are packaged. The New Orleans born music mogul compares himself to Quincy Jones and Berry Gordy and named drops which artists he enjoyed working with. Humbly, Khaled says Kanye West is the most production savvy, while Drake is the most demanding in the studio.

Khaled also opens up about his Muslim faith admitting that although he practices, he could do a better job.

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