Listen: Chris Brown Says ‘It’s Over’ With A Certain Ex On New Single ‘X’


Chris Brown treats his exes like a fully stocked buffet—he just keeps going back for more. But if his catchy new single “X,” the title track from his long-awaited sixth studio album, is any indication, he might just be chucking the deuces to a past flame for good. “I think that it’s over,” Breezy repeats over an escalating Diplo production with a trap EDM feel. “I swear to God I’m moving on!” The track is reminiscent some of Usher’s envelope-pushing work with the Mississippi-born producer, beginning with eerie strings and keys before transforming into a raucous collision of synths. While it might seem that Chris Brown is finally maturing, the troubled talent still refuses to take responsibility, particularly with this deflecting couplet: “If you’re only as good as the company you keep/Then I’ma blame you for what they say about me.”

X is scheduled to (finally) be released on Sept. 16. Does this latest release get you excited for Chris Brown’s next album? —John Kennedy