Listen: Pharrell’s ‘NBA 2K15’ Soundtrack Feat. Lauryn Hill, Public Enemy & Missy Elliott


At this point, it is safe to say that Pharrell working on the soundtrack to everything anything is a good idea. Now lending his talents to the NBA, Skateboard P has curated a 27-song experience for their upcoming NBA 2K15 video game. Featuring Lauryn Hill, Afrika Bambaataa, Public Enemy and Red Hot Chili Peppers, Pharrell also included some favorites from his own catalog like “Grindin’,” “Drop It Like It’s Hot,” and “Can I Have It Like That.”

Upon the announcement of his involvement with the project, the music extraordinaire revealed his strategic approach in following up past soundtrack curators Jay Z and LeBron James.

“You know what? There are girls that play the game and there’s a lot of girls that are around it because their boyfriends play it or their friends play it,” he told Complex. “So I thought it’d be such an interesting twist to have the girls weigh in on the song list, because they’re the ones that listen to it, they listen to it just as much. So I was just trying to pick like an alternative approach, you know, because how do you follow up like LeBron and Jay? You gotta take a different route.”

Now, you can listen to the Pharrell’s road-less-traveled angle for NBA 2K15 before the game drops on October 7. Press play below: